Privacy Policy

Last updated: 02 October 2023

The follow policy outlines how The Autistic Theatremakers Alliance (hereafter referred to as "The ATA", "we", "us") collects, uses, and stores information provided by visitors to its website at If you find any section to be unclear, please contact us and we will provide clarification.

Your Data


There are multiple places where we collect data on this site:


The information you provide to us is used to provide a service you request from us, such as receiving a newsletter or being considered for a grant award.

We will never sell your information to third parties.

We do, however, utilize third-party services in order to facilitate business activities like the ones mentioned at the start of this section:

Retention and deletion

We will store your information only while we have use for it or while we are otherwise required to do so.

To request the deletion of any other personal info you believe we may have stored, contact us.

Cookies and Tracking

We have installed no third-party analytics to track your behavior on our website. The Givebutter donation form, however, does include code for Google Analytics; this is not something we can disable.

Additionally, the server running the website does store access logs that are described in the Collection section above.

Changes to this policy

This policy will continually be updated as the ATA's needs evolve, but historical versions will remain accessible for transparency.

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